Sidekick to Superheros handles finance for you so you can be the hero of your startup.

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We Simplify The Complex

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Track Your Finances, Fast

Every modern startup needs more than just old-fashioned bookkeeping. You can trust us to collect data from your accounting software and analyse your CSVs so you don’t have to enter anything manually. 

Trust Us With Your Startup

You’ll always get the truth from, your trusted finance tool. We extract data directly from source and keep it secure – only your people will be able to access your figures.

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A Whole Playbook of Features

Allow to guide your startup at this crucial stage of growth
and conserve cash with ease.

Data Collected Directly from Source

We collect the data directly from your payment provider so you can get on with running the business.

Analyse Your Data

Think of as your very own financial guru. We’ll analyse your figures quickly and accurately so you can skyrocket your decision making.

Easy-To-Read Metrics

We know you’re busy. That’s why we turn dense, financial jargon into something that can be read in minutes instead of hours. 


We compare data with your benchmark figures so you’ll know when your finances are healthy and when something needs your attention. 

Automated Reports

Generate comprehensive reports tailored to your specific needs – ready for stakeholders, investors or team members.

Compare Your Data with Benchmarks

See how your startup doing by comparing your data to other startups similar to yours, stage and sector.

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Get Financial Clearance on Performance

Understand how you are performing and areas of improvements to steer your startup easier.

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Monthly performance reports

Receive monthly performance reports directly to your inbox showcasing your financial performance and where you should focus on.

Industry benchmarks compares your data to startups in similar stage and industry who does not uses, so you can see where you stand in the pack.

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Integrated with all tools you already know and love


Designed for startups of all sorts and sizes

Investment Stage

Whether you received your initial investment or preparing for the Series B round, is here to help you demystify the numbers.

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Business Category supports startups operating as Software as a Service, eCommerce, Marketplace, Platform as a Service, many more regardless of who is your primary customer, individuals to enterprise.

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How you make money does not affect assisting you. We support startups using Freemium, Subscription, Take Rate, Fixed Commission and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to your most pressing questions about our platform and unleash the power of

Experience the power of at no cost indefinitely if your annual revenue falls below $50,000. We're dedicated to assisting as many companies as possible, which is why we always provide a free version of our product.

Click "Get Started" and join in under a minute, effortlessly registering for our platform. Once you're in, complete the necessary integrations in just around 5 minutes to unlock the full potential of our services.

Not at the moment. If you need a team account, please contact us using the "Contact" page, we will prioritize the feature in our pipeline.

We seamlessly integrate with your existing tools to capture and transform your financial data into actionable insights, empowering you to understand and make informed decisions. Additionally, leveraging public benchmarks, we offer valuable guidance on your financial metrics.

Rest assured, your data security and privacy are our utmost priority. We guarantee that we never use your startup metrics to calculate benchmarks, and under no circumstances do we share any form of information, sensitive or otherwise. Please visit our "Terms of Service" page for details.

Yes, we are GDPR compliant, ensuring the highest standards of data protection. For comprehensive details, please visit our "Cookie Policy" and"Privacy Policy" pages.

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